Commercial Lease Agreement Template

Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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Our commercial lease agreement template allows you to easily prepare a lease used to rent your commercial property to a commercial tenant.

What to Know Before Using our Commercial Lease Agreement Template

Before drawing up a commercial lease agreement, it is important to know a few terms. First, “Lessor” and “Lessee” are the technical legal names for “Landlord” and “Tenant.”

Most large commercial buildings have both residential and commercial rentals. Thus, you should attach a map to the lease itself so that your lessees understand the scope of their property.

Commercial lease agreements have a few important characteristics built into the agreement so as to avoid legal issues:

  1. When entering into a commercial lease agreement, it is important to designate what the space will be used for. This ensures compliance with zoning regulations. Furthermore, this allows the property to be properly equipped for business use.
  2. Certain states have laws regulating the use or amounts of security deposits and sometimes it makes sense to include a waiver of those laws to ensure that what the parties are agreeing to in this Commercial Lease Agreement will not be overridden by conflicting law.
  3. Commercial lease agreements for shared properties usually consist of a flat base rent plus a portion of monthly operating expenses for the common areas and other buildings or complex operations which is variable. To avoid issues between tenants, each type of area should be specifically identified.

Finally, the lease should include basic provisions such as hours of operation, signage allowed, and other property-specific details regarding use.

Use our commercial lease agreement template to quickly and easily create a contract that offers legal security while you begin renting your commercial building or property today.