Non-Disclosure Agreement (One-Sided) Template

Non-Disclosure Agreement (One-Sided) Template

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Use our non-disclosure agreement (one-sided) template to ensure that other parties involved in your business do not discuss company-specific information with other entities.

What to Know Before Using our Non-Disclosure Agreement (One-Sided) Template

When creating a non-disclosure agreement (one-sided) template or unilateral non-disclosure agreement, it is key that you discern what specific types of information you would like to be kept secret. These can include intellectual property such as patents, marketing information, or production processes.

This type of agreement is especially useful for companies working with marketing agencies, independent contractors, or co-packers. This document can also be slightly modified so your business can have any new or existing employee sign this agreement. This is important if they are working with consumer information or other company secrets.

Below are a few situations that necessitate the use of a one-sided non-disclosure agreement:

  1. A one-sided non-disclosure agreement is key to keep your customer information safe if you complete any deals that involve client lists, contracts, and business relationships
  2. Intellectual property is another segment where a non-disclosure agreement is necessary. This includes patents, trade secrets, proprietary software or production processes, copyrights, and other test data collected by the employer.
  3. Marketing to consumers can also be kept safe with our agreement. This is useful if you incorporate any information, campaigns, or projects you wish to keep secret from third parties
  4. Finally, if your business has procedures, packaging, equipment, or techniques used to produce a product or service that you want to keep private, our agreement is perfect for the job.

Use our non-disclosure agreement (one-sided) template to protect your business secrets today.