Deed of Full Reconveyance Template

Deed of Full Reconveyance Template

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If you have paid off your mortgage, then you should access our reconveyance deed template to gain full ownership of your property.

What You Should Know Before Using Our Reconveyance Deed Template

A reconveyance deed is given to a borrower—trustor—when he or she pays off their entire mortgage. This document performs three important actions:

  1. It confirms that the mortgage been paid in full.
  2. It releases the borrower from the mortgage loan.
  3. Finally, our reconveyance deed template transfers full ownership of the real property from the lender to the borrower.

In Arkansas, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, and Vermont, this document must be signed by the trustee. The trustee is the mortgage holder or title company. Finally, before completion, this document must also be signed by a witness. Ensure that your witness lists their full name and contact information after signing the reconveyance deed. This allows your attorney to contact them anytime in the future regarding the issue.

After the reconveyance deed template is signed by all required parties, it must be notarized. Finally, this document must be recorded by the county recorder where the real property is located. This step must be done within a certain time period that is dependent on your state.  To avoid fines, the document must be signed within this given period.

The property fully belongs to the buyer once the recorder approves the deed. This part is important as it confirms that the buyer has finished their duties to the property.

Use our reconveyance deed to create a document that finally allows you to fully own the real property that you financed.